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It's not your fathers, SignalTape ®

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

SignalTape Blog

Signal Tape, also known as caution tape or marking tape, is a brightly colored tape that is used to mark and indicate the presence of buried utilities, pipelines, or potential hazards in excavation trenches. It serves as a visual warning for workers and equipment operators to exercise caution and avoid damaging these underground assets. Here are the products and advantages of using signal tape in an excavation trench:


Safety: The primary advantage of using signal tape is safety. By marking the location of buried utilities and hazards, it reduces the risk of accidental damage or injury during excavation. Workers and equipment operators can see the tape and take necessary precautions.

Cost Savings: Avoiding damage to underground utilities helps prevent costly repairs, service disruptions, and potential fines for damaging public infrastructure. By using signal tape, construction and utility companies can save money in the long run.

Efficiency: Signal tape makes it easier for construction crews to work quickly and efficiently, as they can clearly identify the boundaries of the excavation area and know where to exercise caution.

Compliance: In many regions, using signal tape is mandated by regulations or building codes to ensure safe excavation practices. Using signal tape helps companies comply with these requirements and avoid legal issues.

Communication: Signal tape provides a clear visual indication of the type of utility or hazard present underground. This aids in effective communication between different teams and contractors working on the project.

Minimized Downtime: Accidentally damaging buried utilities can lead to service outages and downtime for residents or businesses relying on those services. Signal tape helps prevent such disruptions, which is especially important for utilities like water, gas, and electricity.

Record Keeping: By using marked signal tape, companies can maintain a record of where utilities are located. This documentation can be useful for future reference or if maintenance and repairs are needed.

Signaltape® is a vital tool in excavation projects to enhance safety, prevent damage, and ensure compliance with regulations. Its clear visibility and messaging help create a safer work environment and contribute to efficient and successful construction activities.

Contractor Products:

*CAUTION-WARNING TAPES... These tapes are typically bright in color, such as red, orange, yellow, or fluorescent pink. The tape often bears printed messages like "Caution Buried Cable" or "Warning Gas Line" to convey specific information about the underground utilities.


Designed to be pulled to the surface, directly alerting the equipment operator to the existence of a buried facility. This is due to the inclusion of a 3,000-pound tensile strength para-aramid fiber core material that ensures Signaltape does not shear until visible to the equipment operator.


Custom Printed Marker Tape

10 times stronger than comparable extruded marking tapes due to the inclusion of a woven polyethylene layer. Our woven PE marking tape combines 180 - 720 lbf tensile strength with hydrophobic properties making the film more visible even in the toughest conditions.

*DETECTABLE TAPES... Some signal tapes are designed with metal wires or foils embedded in them, making them detectable using specialized equipment like metal detectors. This is particularly useful for locating buried utilities when required.


Detectable Marking Tape

A tracer wire integrated marking tape for open trench installation. Tracetape was designed to combine the advantages of tracer wire location with the reliable and visible installation of a marker tape.


Detectable Marking Tape

​An enhanced tracer wire delivery system for directional boring applications designed to protect the wire coating against abrasion while absorbing the stress of the pull to avoid unnecessary wire breaks.



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